Welcome to The Aerospace Agenda, a blog about all things aerospace. This blog will mostly consist of my thoughts and opinions on news items or topics related to aviation and space, not only in the United States, but throughout the world.(I may occasionally wonder off and discuss topics other than aerospace, but I’ll try not to stray too far a field.) I won’t get real technical, as I want this to be an easy and enjoyable read for those who may not be too familiar with aerospace matters. Also, I try not to take myself too seriously, so I hope to inject a little humor whenever I can. Please help to keep me honest by providing comments and feedback. If I make a mistake, let me know about it. If you don’t agree with an opinion of mine, you are free to let me know yours. Just try to keep it civil, though. The internet already has produced vast quantities of anonymous anger and hate, and I don’t want this blog adding to it. Thanks for taking some time to visit my blog, and I hope you enjoy the Aerospace Agenda. Questions or comments? email to: info@aerospaceagenda.com




What qualifies me to write about aerospace subjects? I’m an aerospace engineer, having graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. I’ve worked in the aerospace industry for over 30 years, both in government and private industry. My main area of concentration and knowledge has been safety equipment for both military and civilian aircraft, including crew escape systems, crashworthy seats, and life support equipment. I am a Senior Member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and I am also a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). I have a Private Pilot license with a Commercial Glider rating, and I have owned several airplanes, including a Cessna 140 and a Citabria 7ECA. I have written for an aviation web site, and done some freelance articles for magazines. Finally, I like to think of myself as more of a generalist than a specialist. Basically what that means is that when it comes to aerospace topics, I know a little about a lot of different areas, instead of knowing a great deal about a few select areas. Hopefully this general aerospace knowledge will translate into an interesting and fun read. Peter W. Yost



The thoughts and opinions put forth in The Aerospace Agenda are mine and mine alone. They do not represent the opinions or policies of any company or organization I have worked for, or been a member of, in the past, present or future. The content of The Aerospace Agenda is not intended to malign or harm any individual, organization, company, ethnic or religious group. I am not responsible for the content of any external web sites that may be referenced or linked to from this site. No animals were hurt during the production of this blog.

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