Aerospace Engineering On High-Pay/Low-Stress Job List

There is some good news recently for aerospace engineers. Not only is the job market looking better, but a recent article lists aerospace engineering as one of the top 5 high-paying, low-stress jobs. A recent article by shows aeronautical engineering (OK, that sounds a little antiquated, since most degrees these days are for aerospace, but we get the idea) number four on the list of jobs that have above-average salaries, but where workers report low levels of stress. After 30 years in the aerospace industry, I would tend to agree with that. There were times when my stress would rise, such as before an important presentation, or watching the outcome of a critical ejection seat test that I spent months coordinating, costs $75k, takes weeks of hardware preparation, and is over in 15 seconds. But those events are usually short-lived and certainly provide a high degree of professional satisfaction when completed successfully. For the most part, aerospace engineers are dealing with highly-educated, motivated professional people, and get to work on interesting projects, all which can help keep stress to a reasonable level.