Beautiful Photos of Bush Plane Flying in Alaska

I recently came across a web site with some great aerial photos of light plane flying in Alaska.  The pictures were taken by the late Shaun Lunt, who was tragically killed in the crash of his Piper Super Cub single-engine aircraft earlier this month. Shaun was an anesthesiologist by profession, but in his free time he loved to fly his Super Cub to Alaska to explore the wild parts of the state. Even though he had only been flying in Alaska for about a year, he took some amazing photos during his Alaskan adventures. They show the rugged beauty, on the ground and from the air, of a state where light aircraft are still the best way to travel.

Sadly I remembered reading about Lunt in a May 2008 Air & Space Magazine article about learning to fly light planes “off airport” in Alaska. The article features bush pilot Loni Habersetzer and his course for teaching pilots how to land and takeoff on beaches, sand bars, mountain meadows, river banks, etc. Lunt is quoted as one of Habersetzer’s students in the article. In fact, at the time of his accident, Lunt was flying his plane along side of Habersetzer’s Super Cub.  Accident reports indicate Lunt was circling at low altitude to get a better look at some whale bones on the beach when his plane went down.

Lunt was only 33 years old at the time of his death, but his photos
showed a talent for great aerial photography. It makes you wonder how many
more beautiful images he would have taken during his wilderness flying
adventures if his life hadn’t been cut short.

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